Proscarehills 60 Tablets

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Proscarehills 60 tablets - Natural Health Management

Proscarehills is the natural way to a healthy prostate. Proscarehills is a balanced formula of time tested herbs known in Ayurveda for promoting prostate health. - Pashanbhed has diuretic properties and supports healthy prostate functions
- Gokshur also known diuretic and also known for its anti inflammatory and lithotriptic activity
- Varun has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, lithontriptic (stone dissolving or destroying in the organs) and tonic (stimulant) properties.
- Kanchanar contains Flavonoids quecetin which is considered to have anti inflammatory, nephro protective and antioxidant properties.
- Guggul contains active ingredients Guggulsterones that have anti inflammatory properties & inhibits promoter activity of androgen receptor.

Benefits :
- Has anti-inflammatory properties
- Helps promote healthy prostate size
- Supports healthy reproductive functions
- Helps to maintain smooth urine flow
- Supports urinary tract & kidney functions